Your Guide to IT Asset Disposition

In the early years, the idea of tossing computers, or other electronics, into the trash was the norm. Now companies practice ITAD, or IT asset disposition. If your company relies upon the security of information, it’s important to keep this in mind. Especially before ridding yourself of any equipment.

What Does IT Asset Disposition Cover?

ITAD covers different domains within the IT-sphere. Data center hardware and endpoint devices. This does not mean that every ITAD company covers both of these. Some may only specialize in one or the other. It’s important to know which they focus on before hiring them so you’re not surprised.

Can You Reuse Instead of Dispose

Many companies and personnel want to save as much funding as they can. In this sense, the reuse of hardware may be a good choice for you. During the pandemic, prices for electronic hardware increased tremendously. This pushed many to switch from new electronics to looking at repurposing older ones. The company that assists you with ITAD will keep your budget in mind.

If you cannot reuse the equipment yourself, disposal is still an option. Especially with equipment that’s redundant. If you choose to dispose of hardware, make sure the company is certified. Industries such as R2 are the best ones to look for. KVS Computers is one such company that is R2 certified.

Data Security and Compliance

So many companies come up on the news where they lost customer information during a breach. If you hold private information, you need to verify any hardware is disposed of and secured. A classic approach was destroying the physical hard drive through means of a drill. Instead, your ITAD company focuses on the data you need removed and provides a solution for you.

Never take data security lightly. Any stolen information or lack of compliance can lead to lawsuits and cost you more money than it would be to work with someone. Not only financially, but your company’s reputation is at stake if harm comes to it from negligence.

Who To Choose for ITAD

When looking for a company to work with, it’s important to ask them questions. Referrals from other business professionals as well as certifications are the first step. You also need to ask them about the methods they choose for removing data from storage devices. If their answers and referrals state their methods are safe, standard, and compliant, then you’ve found great value.

If you’re looking for a reliable ITAD company that also has an R2 certification, reach out to KVS Computers. Our trained team is available to work with your business. Whether it is the destruction of hard drives or refurbishing old equipment, we will make sure to take care of your IT asset disposition needs.


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