Windows 11 – What We Know About the New OS

Earlier this month, Microsoft teased new information in store for Windows. Although they didn’t specify what the news entails, there were plenty of teasers and leaked information about what is coming soon. If you’re an early adopter of software or any technology, you want to keep an eye out for this news coming June 24th. Or, if you’re curious, be ready for some major growth within the world of Windows operating systems. Windows 11 seems to be on the verge of launching.

Why Is It Called Windows 11?

Although Microsoft hasn’t specified the name of the new operating system being Windows 11, the teaser graphics do give us a hint. With a window like other Windows operating system logos, it looks empty until you look at the floor. A glow comes from the window but ignores the horizontal line in the shadow. Not an accidental mistake in design either, as they recreated the image with animation as well. Instead, these lights transform into what looks like the number 11. Perhaps these will also be the new symbols when we boot up the operating system as well?

New Design of the User Interface

With each release of the Windows Operating System, we get a new style all its own. For some, like Windows 8, there were two designs released depending on which version you were on.

Microsoft worked on a design for Windows 10X which was later scrapped. Instead, what would have been Windows 10X has become Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer

There is no denying that Microsoft has been moving away from Internet Explorer. Instead, Microsoft Edge has taken its place. For those unaware, Microsoft Edge is a new browser hosted on Windows, just as Internet Explorer is. However, Microsoft Edge runs smoother and contains a fresher outlook in usage.

Around 5% of users use Internet Explorer. As of April 2020 there are around 8% of users participating on Edge. This is the second-highest group of people, with Google Chrome having the top spot.

It is likely that we won’t be seeing Internet Explorer installed on any computers after this update. At least not automatically.

Everything Is Center Aligned

Although these are only leaks, the new UI design looks different from Windows 10. Many of the tiles are aligned in the middle of the taskbar instead of aligned to the left side. Along with this, the tiles found when you click on the start menu are gone. Instead, leaving the user with a cleaner, more simplified look.

You don’t need to stay that way, as some of the leaks revealed, you can move the tiles back to the left if you’d like.

If you’re interested in learning more about Windows 11, make sure you check out Microsoft on June 24th. They will release more information during their presentation. Until then, KVS Computers is here to help you with your current Windows operating system to keep it running smoothly.


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