Windows 10 Bloatware Removal

Windows 10 Bloatware Removal You Can Do at Home

When purchasing a computer that has been pre-owned or refurbished, you can expect it to run a little slower than a brand-new model. Bloatware may be the cause and Windows 10 bloatware removal may need to be performed. Wear and tear and old software can easily be the cause of slowing down a computer. However, did you know that there are programs on brand new electronics that can cause your computer to slow down? This is caused by bloatware.

These programs aren’t harmful in the same way that ransomware and viruses are dangerous. Instead, these are programs that are pre-installed onto your computer by the company providing you the computer. Because of this, you won’t ever know it’s on your computer until it has already slowed your system down.

Here are a few ways you can identify bloatware and remove it from your computer:


               Any free trials advertised on your computer. Most of these you may not ever use when you use your computer but will constantly pop up to remind you about them. Others are free trials that you may not even know are on your computer. These will sit hidden in your programs list without you ever knowing about it. By installing it from your computer, you can easily remove it quickly.


               For those not familiar, cookies are small pieces of code from different websites that track what you click. Cookies also track what you do after leaving the page. These are used by companies to track to see how they can better advertise to you, but too many can slow things down. By not accepting the cookies originally, you can aid in keeping your computer faster. You can by clearing your browsing data on your computer software.


               This is one of the most difficult versions of bloatware removal to perform on a computer. When you download a program from a site and are constantly faced with pop-ups trying to sell you something or just spam, these can slow your computer down. Uninstalling these programs can help remove many of these pop-ups.


               If you have ever installed anything on your computer, most times you get suggestions on if you want to install the toolbar for it as well. If you don’t use internet explorer, you may not even know where or what that is. For those that have, you’ve seen your toolbar grow, taking up most of the browser screen. These can severely slow your computer down and your browsing capabilities. By uninstalling the programs and deleting toolbars, you can quickly clean these up.

Simple Methods Other Than Windows 10 Bloatware Removal

There are other ways beyond uninstalling programs for Windows 10 bloatware removal. One popular program includes CCleaner. This program will help scan any bloatware and help clear any of it out that you no longer need.

If you want to avoid downloading additional programs, or want someone to dig deep to make sure it’s not just bloatware on your computer, you can visit KVS Computers. We can do a full scan to make sure your computer is well-taken care of.


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