Why You Should Buy Custom Built Computers Premade

Why You Should Buy Custom Built Computers Premade

When someone says they buy custom-built computers, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Purchasing individual parts and putting them together themselves. These can lead to towers with interesting setups including non-traditional styles. You don’t need to know how to connect each piece to enjoy your computer. You can buy custom-built computers and have them prebuilt for you based on your specifics.

Here are a few pros and cons to choosing to have your custom pc built for you:

Warranty When You Buy Custom Built PCS

When you have KVS Computers prebuild your PC, we make sure that it can handle any program you are using. This warranty lasts for an entire year. You will have plenty of time to experience what your new custom computer can handle no matter what. If something goes wrong during that year, we are available to fix it for you.

Customize Based on What You Want to Do

Being a gamer can be difficult with a basic PC. Even more so when the game requires half of your memory. Thankfully, you can create custom PCS for your games. Or if you run a business, we can make sure your computer is set up properly for that. This can be advantageous compared to higher-priced items listed that were prebuilt for certain tasks.

No Bloatware in Sight When You Buy Custom Build PCS

We talk about this a lot in other blog posts, but bloatware can be a serious thing for people. When you buy a non-customized computer, you’re also buying the software you will never use. A custom prebuilt computer won’t have any of that unless you ask for it installed for you. Now your computer will run faster according to the performance specifications you want. 


If you want to start with cheaper parts for your computer, you can later choose to upgrade. When you have a non-custom-built computer you can’t adjust the parts you have inside as easily. This can lead to frustrations later down the road. 

It Can Take A While

One of the biggest cons of custom builds is the wait time. Sometimes you’re lucky and find all the pieces you need. Other times you may have to wait for a new piece to come in to complete everything. If you’re in a rush, this might not be a good thing. So, consider your time limit, and if you’re ok with waiting, make sure to order early.

No Hands-on Experience

Mentioning you built your computer during an interview can help you when getting a job in IT. This shows how reliable you are and your practical knowledge of computers. But, there are other ways you can get this kind of experience as well.

There are plenty of options out there for those who want a custom-built computer. Whether you’re a gamer or a businessperson, KVS Computers can help guide you in the right direction. Let us build you an amazing, affordable, customer computer today.


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