What To Do When Your Computer Is Hot

Summer means hot weather, but when your computer makes you sweat more than outside, there’s a problem. Not only will overheating cause your computer to malfunction, but it also costs you a lot of money if the system fails. Some may recommend getting a laptop fan, but that’s not a good option. It leads to running more power and heating your computer even more.

Here are a few tips on what to do when your computer is hot:

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Have you ever left your phone out in the sun for a little too long and got a warning that the battery was too hot? The same happens with your computer as well.

When working, stay indoors with your computer in an air-conditioned room. If your AC is out, it’s best to leave your computer off until it comes back on as well, unless it’s an emergency.

If your computer faces a window with direct sunlight, keep a curtain to shade your system. A fan directed at the computer will add additional cooling factors.

Fan If Your Computer Is Hot

Because of the many openings inside the computer, dust particles build up internally. You may not even realize just how much is there until you open your machine. Open the tower and using a can of air, blow the air toward the outside to remove any dust.

Laptops are more difficult than their tower companions. In this sense, you need to see if it is possible to access the different components. Some laptops contain a removable panel for this purpose. Those that don’t may need a technician from a professional computer repair company to assist.

Update Your Computer

There is a saying that states any computer over a year old is ancient technology. Although half true, it’s important to maintain hardware components throughout their lifespan. Computers that are constantly pushed with programs that use high processing power lead to parts weakening with age faster than non-overclocked hardware.

Another option while updating hardware is changing out the cooling systems. Fans work great for basic usage, but liquid cooling systems lead to cooler towers as well.

Work With A Professional

Performing these tasks are all great concepts for everyday maintenance. If you don’t feel comfortable about any of these other options, reach out to a professional. KVS Computers has professionals that are ready to work with you whenever you need help.

Whether your computer is running hot from a virus or needing a cleaning, we are here for you. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll clean up your computer, so it’s ready to keep working for you.


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