USB Type-C – What exactly is it?

The different forms of USB have increased as new phones or other electronic devices have come out. One infamous example is the lightning port for the iPhone. The newest edition to the USB connector family is the USB Type-C.

Here are a few facts to know about the new USB Type-C:

The USB Type-C Is Smaller

Most people are used to the common Type-A connector. These are the large blocky connectors you will notice with most desktop computers and laptops. Or even connecting to your charger bases. These are what most will think of when you say USB.

In comparison, the USB Type-C connector is slightly bigger than the micro and mini USB. The main block portion of the USB is a similar size to the smaller counterparts while the port is a little wider.

Many Electronics Are Moving To This

Although not widely used yet, many devices are beginning to adopt the new version. The most common devices you will see these on are slim laptops, Androids, and certain game systems.

Will we be seeing the USB Type-C come to more devices soon? This will replace Type-B and Type-A connectors as the newest method.

Benefits Of USB Type-C Connectors

Have you ever attempted to connect your USB without looking and had to flip it around multiple times? Once you get it, you realize the first way was correct. With Type-C there’s no second-guessing. It’s built-in an oval shape with no discerning sides, so either way you connect will be correct.

If you need to transfer files, the different USB connectors all perform this. But Type-C can transfer up to 5 and 10 gigabits per second.

Flash Drives Are Moving To USB Type-C

For those who still love physical backups of all of their files, a flash drive is the best option. However, older USB Type-A styles are slower to transfer files. The new connectors are faster and hold a lot more data than older flash drives.

Because not everyone has a Type-C connector port, many flash drives come with the ability to flip and use a Type-A port. As we slowly move to the primary use of Type-C, the others will fade away as well, so make sure you are ready for the changes.

Like the floppy disk before it, the world of USB connectors is vastly changing every year. With some becoming obsolete as time goes on. Soon, Type-C will completely replace Type-A, and transferring files will be faster than ever before.

If you need a flash drive, consider purchasing a USB Type-C connector style for yourself. If you don’t have Type-C ports in all the devices you intend on using, our flash drives also connect to Type-A ports. Spin it and connect with ease. Starting at as low as $10, you will find the perfect USB Type-C flash drive for yourself at KVS Computers.


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