Top Ways To Secure Social Media Accounts

Top Ways You Can Secure Your Social Media Account

Globally, there are almost 4 billion people on social media. With the increase of users year over year, it’s important to know how you can secure your social media account.

Don’t Use Your Social Media Account To Log-In To Apps

When you open so many apps, they ask you to connect to Facebook or Twitter for extra points or to save your progress. Most times, there is an option to log in via an email and password as well. Although it is faster and easier to log in via your social media it leaves you open for anyone to access. Connecting with friends on the game isn’t worth it. By using an email and password, you create a secondary wall for any malicious people and can secure social media accounts.

Don’t Use The Same Password

Passwords are the key to your social media accounts, emails, and other accounts you hold. By keeping the same password for every account, you can leave yourself vulnerable. When someone hacks into your account and learns your password, all they need to do is use that same information to log into your other accounts without brute force. If you can’t remember each password, safeguarding them where you can reference them is ideal.

Along with this, using a phrase mixed with numbers and symbols is a great way to secure social media and protect your accounts. Don’t get caught with using password123 for your accounts.

Use Two Factor Authentication To Secure Social Media Accounts

Two-factor authentication is on the rise with many websites. You may have seen it within the last few months to a few years while logging in. If you skipped these, we highly recommend going back and setting this up. By adding two-factor authentication, anyone that wishes to log into your account must also have your phone available to them. Without it, they can’t log into the account. Two-factor authentication has two popular forms, text messages and a separate app. Both methods need your phone.

Add Log-In Alerts

If anyone logs into your accounts, a notification will be sent to your device letting you know. Don’t recognize the location, and it’s not you? Select to end the activity from your device and force the person to log off. Once you do that, change your password immediately. This may get repetitive for you as you log in through a new device and get warnings asking if a log-in attempt is you. However, this means it’s working, and anyone else that attempts to log in will log out when you notice it.

No matter what social media profile you use, it’s important to stay safe. That’s why you should be mindful when you secure social media accounts. We want you to stay safe both with your data and other forms of digital harm. If at any time you believe your computer is compromised, let us know and we will help you. Our technicians are available to make sure your system is well secured while you enjoy online usage.


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