Tablet or Laptop: Which is the Best Choice?

The thought of choosing between a tablet or laptop used to be an easy decision. Laptops were better for doing any work that required word processing or the internet. When it came to tablets, they were better suited for playing a game on a bigger screen or simpler tasks. In today’s society, the line between tablet and laptop have blurred far more. So now the question becomes, which one is better for you?

Laptops for Freelancers

For those that run a small business from their home, a laptop may seem like a no-brainer. After all, you want a big screen and some way to connect all your devices via USB.

If you have a preference for using a mouse, you can connect it to the laptop and navigate from a distance. Or, if you need a bigger screen, you can extend your monitor to the television. If there is an HDMI port, you can also add additional monitors.

Along with these benefits, many laptops are created as a 2-in-1 where you can fold it in half. This way, you have a laptop some days and a tablet-like device other days.

Tablets for Freelancers

Who says you need an entire computer to host your business? If you’re a freelance writer that likes the freedom to be on the go with a long-life battery, a tablet is perfect. With the iPad having apps like word and scrivener, you’re ready to hit the road. If you need the internet, all you need is your phone as a hotspot, or a local coffee shop.

A bonus for a tablet is the fact that you’re less susceptible to viruses or bloatware. People that create viruses tend to target PCs because of the easier framework.

Tablet or Laptop For Fun

If you’re a fan of playing games on Steam or games on your browser, a laptop may be better. However, if you want to play games that require a lot of RAM, you’re losing out on weight. Instead of a 5-pound laptop, you’re carrying something closer to 10 pounds.

However, because of the USB and Bluetooth capabilities, using a controller is easier. You’ll also find a lot more companions to play games with when you pull your laptop out.

If you’re not worried about playing large-scale games a tablet is perfect. Smaller games are a plenty within a tablet. The App Store keeps everything in one place to store your card number and previously installed games.

You won’t get as many accessories, but at least you can roam around  while actively playing. No more needing to stay near a charger shortly after playing because the battery is almost dead.

Depending on your general needs, a tablet or laptop may not be a hard decision anymore. If you are looking for a device for yourself, KVS Computers has refurbished devices available. We can build the laptop specific to your needs!


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