Electronics Recycling and Sustainability – An Essential Guide

Do electronics lead to socioeconomic and environmental sustainability? Technology is consistently upgrading, and Americans are continually renewing their computers, smartphones, and other devices. The obsolete and discarded electronics, also known as e-waste, are becoming a global problem.

Disposing of electronics waste safely, securely, and eco-friendly is critical for environmental and economic sustainability. KVS Computers has compiled this guide to explain what electronics waste is and advise on ways to reduce it to maintain the environmental sustainability. Read on!

What is Electronic Waste?

Electronics waste is the term given to old and discarded electronic technologies. These include but are not limited to computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops, T.V.s, digital cameras, USBs, fax machines, photocopiers, and printers.

Electronic equipment may or may not function. Because technology undergoes consistent upgrades, disposal of outdated equipment occurs frequently. Electronics waste has accumulated at a rapid rate. So, it has become the fastest-growing concern for governments worldwide.

Millions of tons of electronics waste end up in landfills across America. If we don’t implement eco-friendly ways to mitigate the problems, we won’t achieve sustainability goals. So, everyone has to play their role in making the world more sustainable through electronics recycling.

Why is Electronics Waste a Problem?

Americans are among the highest users of computers, laptops, and smartphones. Electronics waste from obsolete equipment is the fastest-growing type of waste. Bear in mind that electronics waste makes up 5% of all solid waste worldwide. It is nearly the same amount as plastic packaging. However, it is more hazardous.

In addition, electronics waste has a negative impact on the environment. It puts pressure on limited landfill capacity in the U.S and other countries. Electronic devices contain harmful and toxic materials. Governments and regulatory authorities are making substantial efforts to develop accurate and safe disposal methods.

Treating electronics waste correctly can help reduce pollution. Electronics recycling, such as computer refurbishment, can protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint. So, recycling materials in electronics devices is an excellent way to achieve socioeconomic and environmental sustainability goals.

For instance, companies can recover and reuse 90% of materials from computers and smartphones. About 60% to 90% of future greenhouse gas emissions will come from electronic devices ending up in landfills. However, we can reduce these emissions by using recycled materials.

What Happens to Electronic Waste?

Electronics or e-waste contain a wide range of components that companies can recycle and reuse. These resources, including glass and plastic, can come in handy in manufacturing new products. For example, companies can remove toxic materials, such as lead, bromine, zinc, mercury, etc.

Likewise, they can recycle components, such as circuit boards, metals, and cables. Unfortunately, people do not dispose of electronics waste in an eco-friendly manner. So, this is the biggest hindrance to achieving sustainability goals.

Moreover, a staggering amount of electronics waste from the U.S and other developed countries ends up in developing countries. These include Ghana, Somalia, Bangladesh, and other countries.

The illegal trade causes problems for the U.N 2030 sustainability programs. The U.S government has implemented various programs to investigate and cease illicit trade. It is crucial to know what happens to your old electronic devices. That way, you can ensure a reputable company recycles it.

For instance, KVS Computers is a reputable e-cycling, computer repair, and refurbishment company. Our qualified, licensed, and skilled professionals have many years of experience in computer repair and refurbishment. We ensure your old computer (if in working order) does not end up in a landfill.

KVS Computers aims to improve the recycling process by refurbishing computers. We can perform state-of-the-art upgrades by installing a new hard drive, RAM, and other components.

The purpose is to protect the resources used in new computer and smartphone manufacturing. So, KVS Computers play a crucial role in energy and natural resource conservation.

Before you discard your old computer, you can bring it to KVS for repair or refurbishment. Instead of disposing of your computer, you can donate it to KVS Computers. We will upgrade the system and sell it to maintain the socioeconomic and environmental sustainability.

The Importance of Sustainability and Management

The use of electronic devices has grown significantly over the last twenty years. Advanced technology has changed the way and the speed at which people communicate. It has also changed the way people get information and perform other crucial tasks. So, technology has become an integral part of people’s day-to-day lives.

Simple acts, such as donating used computers to KVS Computers for reuse, can extend the life of valuable products. Recycling electronic devices also prevent precious metals from going into the waste stream. KVS Computers encourage everyone to use a long-term approach to achieve sustainability.

A long-term methodology toward electronics stewardship is essential at home and work. There are numerous ways to streamline the process. KVS Computers advise every company and organization to become mindful of the current situation. So, it is wise to avoid discarding or dumping your old electronics devices.

Following a more responsible way can promote sustainability and eco-friendly practices. It is no longer acceptable to leave old electronic devices on the nature strip for trash collection. You can contact KVS Computers or visit our company and bring your old computer for accurate refurbishment. KVS Computers recommends:

  • Avoid buying new products that the manufacturer can’t reuse or recycle
  • Reduce your consumption of devices
  • Bring the old computer to KVS Computers for repair before purchasing a new one
  • Reuse your computer or laptop by donating it to KVS Computers
  • Recycle old electronic devices/gadgets with KVS Computers instead of dumping them in landfills

The Significance of Sustainability Practices for Businesses

Sustainability practices are crucial for businesses to reduce e-waste and carbon footprint. If you run a business, make sure you develop a policy. Your policy is an essential reference document that allows you to decide your practice on reasonable e-waste recycling.

It also helps you know how to manage your recycling operations. Remember, your policy should include clear sustainability goals. It must also have specific areas of responsibility. Define clear guidelines and mention consequences for policy violations.

Moreover, KVS Computers recommend documenting your electronics waste recycling policy and associated procedures. For instance, this must include the methodology you will use to recycle electronic waste.

Your policy must also focus on measures by which you will safely and securely erase data from electronic devices. The purpose is to avoid leaking sensitive information. If the data gets in the hands of cybercriminals, your company will experience severe complications and legal consequences.

KVS Computers uses secure data sanitization methods to destroy data responsibly before refurbishing a computer. So, before discarding electronic devices, consider whether the product contains a hard drive. Look for additional memory capacity and wipe the data. You can also use KVS Computers’ premium data destruction services.

Furthermore, recycling is important for a company because it can help save money and improve its bottom line. Not only do recycling programs create cost avoidance, but they also free up funding for sustainability and responsible tasks.


  • If your computer is still in working order, you can donate it to KVS Computers
  • Browse KVS Computers’ official website for detailed e-cycling information
  • Store your computer out of the weather to avoid damages
  • Approach KVS Computers to refurbish your old computer or laptop for use by people who can’t afford new devices

Mobile Phones

Manufacturing companies use numerous non-renewable materials to construct mobile phones. These include metals, glass, plastics, and ceramics. However, the contents vary from model to model.

Because mobile technology is rapidly advancing, the materials used for manufacturing can change. So, there is no exact formula or single list of materials used for smartphones production.

However, recycling companies can recycle and reuse 90% of these non-renewable materials. There are hundreds of companies in the U.S that offer state-of-the-art recycling programs. Most companies collect and recycle mobile phones, handsets, chargers, batteries, and accessories.

Finding a reputable company is equally essential for individuals and businesses. You can look online, ask your family or friends, visit regulatory authorities to find detailed information. KVS Computers is a reputable company with many years of experience in electronics refurbishment. So, you can bring your old electronics for refurbishment. We ensure a safe and secure process.

Sustainability Requires Securely Removing Data

Before you recycle or donate any electronic device, it is crucial to remove all the data. Generally, data includes personal details and financial information. If you run a business, you may have customers’ data. Stolen data can significantly risk your company and cause complications. Therefore, it is wise to remove data securely.

Failure to remove data from your computer or smartphone can breach private and security information. For instance, criminals may use your business data for various purposes when you fail to erase hard drives, C.D.s, DVDs, and USB flash drives. Not only can criminals create bank accounts and get loans, but they can also leak sensitive information to hurt your business reputation.

Remember, customer information is a prime target for criminals. Identity theft can cause problems for your business. So, sold and donated computers found in secondary markets can still contain personal data. However, this is not the case when you choose a reputable e-cycling company like KVS Computers.

Our company follows responsible ways to maintain sustainability. We erase your personal data using advanced techniques and tools. The purpose is to prevent your data from getting into the hands of criminals and hackers. So, you can rely on KVS Computers for responsible, accurate, reliable, and eco-friendly data destruction.

Don’t Just Delete Files

According to KVS Computers, it is insufficient to delete documents and files on your computer. Many people drag and drop files/folders into the recycling. The data after deletion still exists on the storage device even though you can’t access it directly. So, it is crucial to take advanced measures and ensure the proper destruction of data.

Implement Effective Security

Implementing adequate security is an integral part of your organization’s sustainability program. So, put the effective computer and information security measures and methods in place. KVS Computers follows information security standards and have implemented advanced tools to ensure data security.

Securely Erase Data

High levels of sanitization involve wiping the hard drive. KVS Computers uses a secure data destruction tool. It allows for multiple data overwriting instances. That way, no one can access your data.

We use highly secure methods to ensure no one access your data forensically. Although numerous free erase tools are available online, KVS Computers recommends using a premium one to streamline the entire process.

Because such tools and software applications get updates when manufacturers release new products, you can seek advice from KVS Computers. Our experts can recommend you a secure erase application for your computer or smartphone.

Moreover, the secure erasing of data and information extends to backup media. These include hard drives, USB drives, and cloud technologies. So, before recycling your old computer, make sure you save sensitive information in the cloud.

Electronics Recycling and Sustainability – Final Words

Research shows that individuals and companies produce between 20 and 50 million tons of electronics waste worldwide. The U.S generates more electronics waste per resident than any other country.

Research shows that companies recycle over five million tons of electronic devices in the U.S every year. KVS Computers offer computer repair and refurbishment services. If your computer or laptop is in good working order, you can bring it to our company. Our qualified professional will refurbish it for reuse.

Electronics recycling leads to environmental sustainability. Not only does e-cycling saves space in landfill sites, but it also prevents pollution and greenhouse gases. The purpose is to maintain a sustainable ecosystem, create less pollution, and use less energy.

Purchasing a refurbished computer can help you save money. The primary reason to buy a refurbished computer instead of a new system is to save money. At the same time, you can play your role in reducing your carbon footprint.

So, when you avoid sending your old computer to the landfill, you act as a responsible citizen. That way, you play your part in maintaining environmental sustainability. Contact KVS Computers for computer repairs, refurbishing, and e-cycling today!


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