What should I Do with Old Electronics?

What should I do with old electronics? Technology is advancing and upgrading. Many Americans renew their electronic gadgets and equipment. Obsolete or discarded electronic items, also known as e-waste, are becoming a problem in the United States.

Disposing electronic waste safely and security is crucial for general practices, as it is for people and businesses. In today’s article, we will answer: what should I do with old electronics. Read on!

What is Electronic Waste?

Electronic waste or e-waste refers to discarded electronic or electrical technologies. These include but are not limited to televisions, computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, printers, photocopiers, digital cameras, USBs, and fax machines.

Whether the electronic equipment is in working order, it is crucial to focus on proper recycling methods. Because technology is advancing, disposal of old electronics equipment occurs frequently.

In addition, e-waste has accumulated rapidly, becoming the fastest-growing issue in the United States. People dump millions of tons of electronic waste into landfills across the U.S. The figure will increase in the near future.  

Why is Electronic Waste a Problem?

Americans are among the highest users of technology. Electronic waste from obsolete devices is one of the fastest-growing types of e-waste. Electronic waste makes up 5% to 10% of all municipal solid waste worldwide.

It is nearly the same amount as plastic packaging. However, electronic waste is more hazardous. In addition, electronic waste impacts the environment and puts pressure on limited landfill capacity in the U.S.

This equipment includes harmful and toxic materials that people can’t dispose of efficiently and safely. So, treating old electronics waste correctly can help protect the environment. It also minimizes pollution and reduced carbon footprint.

In addition, companies like KVS Computers can recycle many of the electronic devices for other uses. For instance, companies can recover and reuse 90% of the materials found in mobile handsets.

According to KVS Computer’s research, proper recycling of old electronics can avoid or reduce 60% to 90% of future greenhouse gases. For example, recycling 50,000 mobile phones can remove the need to mine over 110 tons of gold ore. Likewise, it can reduce the need to mine 213 tons of silver ores.

What Happens to Old Electronics?

What should I do with old electronics? Before we give you the solution, it is crucial to know what happens to e-waste! Electronic or e-waste contains many components that companies can recycle and reuse. For example, recycling companies can recover these resources, including plastics and glass, to manufacture new products.

A recycling company removes hazardous materials like mercury, lead, bromine, and zinc. Next, they can recycle the remaining components, such as circuit boards, metals, and cables. Unfortunately, people do not dispose of electronic waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Most people in the U.S dump these items as hazardous waste. Remember, some companies practice illegal activities. For example, these companies export and dump a staggering amount of electronic waste from developed countries in developing nations like Ghana and Bangladesh.

So, this is an illegal trade that the American government must investigate. Several e-waste programs run by the American government aims to improve the recycling of old electronics. The primary purpose is to minimize the solid and hazardous waste that usually ends up in landfill sites.

Our company, KVS Computers, plays a crucial role in reducing the need to use raw materials. We are an environmentally friendly company. Our professional staff encourages everyone to use our services. That way, they can avoid disposing of old electronics.

Our company aims to assist in saving America’s natural resources. Before you dispose of your old television or computer, consider whether it is in good working order. So, instead of disposing of your computer, you can donate it to a local charity organization or community group.

What Should I Do with Old Electronics?

There are numerous ways to play your role in the proper discarding of old electronics. KVS Computers offer mindful services, allowing you to recycle your old electronic devices responsibly and environmentally friendly way.

Remember, it is no longer acceptable to leave electronic hardware on the strip of garbage collection in the U.S. You can contact recycling companies in your area to collect different types of e-waste that require removal and recycling. There are companies, such as KVS Computers, where you can drop off old electronic equipment. Follow the initial steps given below.

  • Avoid buying new products that you can’t reuse or recycle
  • Reduce your consumption of electronic equipment or devices
  • Repair broken gadgets before purchasing new items
  • Reuse your old electronics by donating them to family, friends, or charity
  • Recycle old electronics instead of dumping them in landfills

What Should I do with Old Electronics – Computers and TVs

While the government has rolled out recycling schemes for computers and TVs, here are a few suggestions from KVS Computers. Remember, this is the answer to your question: what should I do with old electronics? Continue reading!

If your computer or TV is in good working order, ask a school, charity, or secondhand store if they will take them. Pass your computer or TV on to a family member or friend. Contact your local authority for more information on their electronic recycling services.

In addition, store your computer or TV out of the weather. Approach KVS computers to refurbish your old computer for use by people who can’t afford new items. That way, you can play your role in recycling old electronic items like computers and TVs.

What Should I Do with Old Electronics – Mobile phones

Manufacturers use various non-renewable materials to construct mobile phones. For example, these include plastics, ceramics, metals, and glass. However, the contents vary from one phone model to another.

As mobile phone technology advances, manufacturing companies can change the materials. So, there is not a single list or exact formula used for mobile phones. The good news is that companies can recycle and reuse 90% of these renewable resources.

KVS Computers is one of the most reputable companies that offer e-waste recycling programs and services. We collect and recycle mobile phones, batteries, chargers, and other accessories. You can also drop off your old electronic items at our company.

Our professional staff takes care of your old electronic gadgets, such as smartphones. We can recycle all the components of your mobile phone to the highest environmental standards. Our company avoids re-selling your old mobile phone in developing countries.

KVS Computers also run several campaigns from time to time to assist in recycling your old electronic devices, including smartphones. Besides, you can request KVS Computers for your device or organize a larger collection.

Moreover, we can recycle components of your old smartphone. These include batteries made of cobalt, nickel, and cadmium. Companies use these substances to make new batteries and stainless steel.

Furthermore, companies can use circuit boards’ items such as gold and silver to make jewelry and other applications. Companies recycle handset casings because these include plastics. The primary purpose of recycling plastics is to make pallets and fence posts.

Likewise, recycling companies can shred, sort, and use plastic and metals found in smartphones to make new plastic and metal products, respectively. Make sure you remove all your sensitive data before recycling your old phone.

What Should I Do with Old Electronics – Printers, Photocopiers, snd Fax Machines

KVS Computers also collect large electronic equipment from offices. These include printers, photocopy machines, and fax machines. Our company has professional staff who collects or drop off these items at recycling plants.

Some recycling companies come and pick up electronic equipment for free. Others will charge you a small amount of fee. The company will then remove and recycle toxic and non-toxic materials. The purpose is to divert these materials from landfill sites. KVS Computers recommend:

  • Choosing the best recycling company to recycle your printer cartridges
  • Avoid throwing your old electronics in the trash can
  • Visit the electrical equipment pages on our business website for more information

How to Remove Data before Disposing of Old Electronics

Before you donate or recycle any of your old electronic equipment, it is wise to remove all the data from your devices. Data can contain your personal details, financial information, or info about your business.

Failure to remove your sensitive data from your electronic devices can breach your privacy and security. It can also put your sensitive information in the wrong hands. Therefore, it is crucial to erase your electronic media from devices like:

  • Hard drives
  • CDs and DVDs
  • USB flash drives

If you fail to erase the data, you will suffer the consequences. For example, criminals can use your personal and financial data. Criminals can create bank accounts, take out loans, and purchase insurance.

Your information is also a prime target for identity theft. Donated or sold computers found in secondary markets, including auctions, still, contain personal information. Remember, this data is more valuable than your old electronic equipment.

It is pretty easy for criminals to recover data from your old device and use it inappropriately. KVS Computers is a professional company with experienced staff who can remove your personal data safely and securely. Anyway, here are a few best practices you should perform before recycling your old electronics.

Don’t Just Delete Files

What should I do with old electronics? It is insufficient to delete documents, files, images, or videos on your computer. Avoid dragging and dropping files into the recycle bin. Remember, the data you delete remains on your PC’s hard drive even though you can’t access it directly. It is crucial to take essential measures to erase your information securely.

Implement Effective Security

It is crucial to put effective computer security measures in place. KVS Computers has experienced staff that can guide you on information security standards. The purpose is to establish excellent information security practices. That way, you can make future proof your computer and information system practices.

Erase Data or Destroy Equipment

KVS Computers has a professional team that uses a higher level of sanitization. Our services include wiping the hard drive. We also use a secure erase tool or destroy the equipment. Bear in mind that a safe erase tool can overwrite the data multiple times. It means criminals can’t access it forensically.

Because such tools and software constantly receive updates, we recommend seeking advice from our computer expert. Our professional will suggest secure erase software for your PC, laptop, or phone. The secure erasing of data must extend to backup media. These include tapes or any other media you can use to store or transfer data, such as hard drives.

Recycle Storage Devices

Before sending these items to KVS Computers, ensure you remove all the sensitive data to maintain data security. Remember, you can easily delete data from CDs and DVDs because this is non-recoverable.

In addition, CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, and USB flash drives are storage devices. People often discard disks into trash cans when they no longer require the data. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that CDs and DVDs are non-biodegradable products.

It means they contain toxic materials, metals, and chemicals. These materials can pollute the environment if they end up in landfill sites. You can recycle and reuse CDs and DVDs up to 98% of the original disc. These include polycarbonate materials and aluminum found within these items.

Moreover, remove any information or data saved onto your phone’s memory before recycling it. While you can transfer the SIM card from your old phone to the new one, you can delete the data if no longer required. Besides, we recommend you regularly check our blog on our official website to find more information on how to remove data from your electronic devices.

Final Words  

KVS Computers make substantial efforts to develop, promote, and implement waste prevention, reduction, reuse, and recycle practices. Our company performs these tasks systematically and cost-effectively.

Lastly, our company uses appropriately regulated waste management contractors. The purpose is to ensure the safe management of toxic and non-toxic waste. Contact us today for old electronic recycling services.


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