Is Windows Defender Enough? Pros & Cons of Defender

Is Antivirus Necessary for Windows 10?

Antivirus commercials slam into our television screens as much as viruses that are attacking our computers. Still, it becomes a question of which one do we use? Or perhaps you question if you need an antivirus program at all. After all, Windows 10 now has Windows Defender and claims it does the same amount of work as an antivirus.

Is Windows Defender enough? Here are some pros and cons for getting antivirus versus just Windows Defender for Windows 10.

Cons for Windows Defender

Lack of Active Updates

Windows Defender doesn’t update often enough at all. Like biological viruses, computer viruses are constantly evolving. Because of this, an antivirus program needs to stay up to date and protect your computer at any cost. When it doesn’t adapt, your antivirus will let a virus through without even noticing.

The Interface Is Clunky

Sometimes you have to click around to figure out where everything is within Windows Defender. It’s not the best user interface for people to use, and sometimes it’s hard to find the program itself. When you search for Windows Defender, it comes up with a very intimidating and very old-school window. Meanwhile, to find the friendlier version, you have to search for it in the hidden icons section of your taskbar.

Pros for Windows Defender

Parental Controls

As adults, we’ve learned what sites and programs to avoid for the most part to keep our computers safe. Many grew up in the Wild West of the internet with Limewire and other programs to download files. This led to computers filled with viruses. As children, we didn’t realize how much damage this was causing, but as adults, we learn more of what to avoid. By having parental control, we can prevent children (or others who aren’t computer literate) from going to websites they shouldn’t.

Health Reports

Just a click away, you can look at the health of your computer in real-time. From telling you the last date you scanned, to any concerns regarding your computer and ways to quickly fix your computer to protect it better. These aren’t just suggestions on updating Defender, but also ways to keep you safe from ransomware through setting up a OneDrive account for your computer to back up.

When Should I Consider Getting Other Antivirus Programs?

Is Windows Defender enough? If you don’t feel confident when navigating the internet, then having secondary protection can be beneficial. If Windows Defender misses the virus, your other program can help catch this for you and stop it in its tracks. Contact KVS Computers to learn more about the antivirus program they offer.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Want to Get Another Program?

Maintain vigilance when using the internet and common sense.

Don’t open emails that you don’t recognize.

Do not download files that you don’t expect or know.

Empty your downloads and recycle bin regularly.

If your computer does get infected, you can visit KVS Computers and get the viruses removed from your computer. We can also help you to make sure your system is up to date and show you how you can better maintain your computer for many more months to come.


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