How To Recycle Your Electronics For Free

How to Recycle Your Electronics for Free

Recycling has become well known for the use of plastics, paper, and cardboard. For some, this may even include composting. But did you know that you can also recycle your electronics for free?

Because there are so many pieces within electronics, this can help so many companies with saving money and using it for other projects. By trashing your electronics, you are attributing to tens of thousands of pounds of copper, silver, and gold going to waste. E-waste should never be an option when looking at electronics you no longer use.

Here are a few things you can easily recycle at KVS Computers:

  • Computer Towers
  • Monitors
  • DVD Players
  • Speakers
  • Cell Phones
  • Printers
  • Tablets
  • And More

If you are unsure about why you should recycle your electronics, here are some reasons why you should:

Toxic Substances

When you throw electronics into a landfill, different toxic wastes such as lead and mercury seep into the group. This can end up polluting the air, as well as the groundwater, which we may later drink. When recycled, these products don’t end up in the landfills, keeping future generations safe from poisoning. These landfills can become dangerous when looking for options to rebuild over top of them as the toxins continue to rise into the ground killing plants and animals.

Electronics Recycling Saves Energy

No, not directly saves energy. But when making electronics such as computers, it requires a lot of energy to produce them constantly and obtain the raw materials. Instead of needing to go after the raw material, companies can use recycled pieces to aid in recreating new electronics and save energy and money to do so. If we all recycled our electronics, the price of newer ones could potentially drop, and the supply increases. KVS Computers saves you money as you can recycle most of your electronics for free with us.

Refurbishing Helps Less-Fortunate Communities

For those in lower-income communities, the concept of buying new electronics could be an extreme luxury. However, when a person turns in an electronic that can be refurbished, companies, such as KVS Computers, can get them back to working standard to sell at a lower price. Some refurbished electronics operate almost like brand new models, which can be extremely helpful.

Export of E-Waste

E-waste are all electronics that don’t get recycled, and not all of it ends up in local landfills. Instead, some go to other developing countries as an export. There, people are employed to go through your waste to find anything that might be of value. As mentioned earlier, these employees are offered low wages while going through the toxic waste that can severely hurt them. By recycling, we can avoid e-waste entirely.

When looking for a place to recycle your old electronics, make sure you choose a certified company, such as KVS Computers. By working with a certified company, you know that we will ensure everything is performed correctly and responsibly. Just as recycling should be. When you choose a person or company that isn’t certified, you could end up hurting the environment more or seeing them sell the product claiming it is refurbished without actually doing any work on it.


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