How To Manage And Keep Track Of Passwords

Most Americans manage multiple accounts on their phone and computer. However, the key to having so many accounts was always to have a different password for each account. That adds up over time, and no one will remember dozens of passwords. Unless they’re changing the last number for every reset. This isn’t the most secure method or recommended method for anyone.

Keep Your Password Secure

There are always jokes about simple passwords like “Password123” existing. But when billions of accounts are hacked each year do you want yours to be because the password is guessable?

To make sure your password is secure, you need to make it long, use special characters, and never be obvious. So many people use passwords that include their birthday or their name in some fashion. This is almost as insecure as the example. Most hackers will lean into personal information they have on you. Using a mixture of numbers and letters to create a word or phrase makes it harder to crack.

Other options include using Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter accounts to create an account. This way it shares the same log-in information, and you need to sign in with that method every time. This is less secure than simple passwords sometimes. If someone were to hack into only one of those accounts, they have access now to everything connected to it. Separating accounts is important when managing safe and secure logins.

Keep Track Of Passwords That Are Complicating

With a new secure password, it’s time to save it on your browser history, right? Incorrect. This is easily reachable for so many people and leads to the hacker accessing many accounts.

The easiest method is to write them down. Get a notebook or piece of paper and label your passwords. Never leave it out in the open either. Instead, this list needs to remain secure in a lockbox or somewhere no one will find it but you. This doesn’t mean use a document on your computer either due to the hacker’s capability of reaching it.

Using a password manager is another powerful protector. You no longer need to worry about your spelling on paper or losing the sheet. A program on your computer secures the passwords from hackers and provides them only when needed. A popular program some use is called LastPass for their passwords.

Although being locked out of an account is terrible, it’s even worse when the account is your entire computer. When this happens, make sure to reach out to a professional, such as KVS Computers. Our team of technicians are here to assist you. Let us unlock your computer and find the best ways to manage any passwords you own. Next time you think about a password for your new account, remember to use secure methods. Prevent any hackers from attempting to gain access to your system before it happens. You may not find the account contains much information, but once they have one way in a hacker gains multiple entries.


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