How to Determine If It Is A Safe Website To Visit

How to Determine If It Is A Safe Website To Visit

In the early days of the world wide web, any site could be dangerous. From thousands of popups to more unsavory content. Thankfully, most websites have gone to the wayside, replaced by other safety problems. With new methods to hide malicious information, what exactly is a safe website? Can you surf the web without running into dangerous websites?

Whether it’s for work or pleasure, here are a few tips to verify the website you are visiting is safe to click on.

Government Websites Have .Gov At The End

If you have ever visited your local government website, you’ve seen that they end in .gov. The same can also be said about state or city websites. The top-level domain part is what determines exactly what the website is about. If it ends in gov, it’s a government entity, while if it ends in com, it’s commercial. If, for some reason, you find yourself on a government website that says com instead of gov, leave that page. Then find your way back to the actual website.

The URL Doesn’t Match What You Usually See

If any website is asking for your log-in information, double-check the URL at the top. It should match how it always does when you’re on the website. If it doesn’t, it’s not a safe website, and in fact, is trying to steal your information. If you find yourself on one of these fake websites, leave and redirect to the actual URL instead. When you type the URL wrong, people may use the misspelled website to their advantage. This malicious method is there to trick you into thinking you’re in the correct place.

The Web Design Is Dated

While stopping on a website, does it look like it belongs in the 1990s or early 2000s? If so, it’s most likely housed with malicious code. Or contains information that’s not accurate in the slightest. If you are looking for information, an outdated website shows there is little care for it. Thus the knowledge is also not accurate or trustworthy. Instead, look for websites that are constantly updated and modern in appearance.

You Question If It’s a Safe Website

In the end, your gut should tell you the website is trustworthy. At any point, you feel like the website has another motive in mind, it may be best to leave it. Although the other aspects may show you’re on a safe website, your gut is also there to help you navigate the web. You never want to compromise your computer, or network, because a website is questionable.

If at any time you find your computer compromised because of a non-safe website, let us know. We will remove any malicious software installed onto your computer and get everything back to top condition.


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