Computer Repair -Get It Done Before It’s Too Late

Computer Repair – Get It Done Before It’s Too Late

We’ve all been there. Staring at a computer that’s slow, or completely unresponsive, then it crashes on you. It crashes just before you sent an important document that’s due today. Now you need to schedule a computer repair and need to wait, which could take all day or more.

Were there signs of your computer failing before this? Yes, but you pushed them off.  Or you didn’t know you could perform a computer repair yourself before it was too late. Instead of being reactive, you can now be proactive.

Here are a few ways you can be proactive on your computer repair today and not worry about tomorrow.

Software Updates

If you’re running the latest operating system, you may occasionally see a small icon in the bottom right corner that tells you there is an update needing done. You could ignore that, or you could click on it and update your computer right away. But did you know if you go to the update window every few days, you can get these updates pushed out to your computer faster instead of waiting until your computer wants to yell at you?

 Computer Repair Prevention – Hardware Updates

I don’t mean going in and replacing your hardware, but instead doing something a little easier than that. If you’re confident, you can open where your hardware is and use an air compressor to blow out some dust stuck inside. If you’re not too confident in that, we recommend you come out and schedule an appointment with us for any computer repair needs. Just a little dust can cause catastrophic problems and strain on your computer.  Dust can also lead to overheating.

Clearing Your Cache and Cookies

No, not the monster kind. When you visit any website on the internet, a tracking code called a cookie is attached to you. After a while, these can seriously slow down your computer and add strain to it. Make sure you clear that and your cache every so often, so your computer doesn’t have to juggle all that information all the time. If you’re unsure how, follow these steps that will walk you through any browser you might have.

 Use Our Computer Scan For Other Computer Repair Options

We have multiple resources available on our website.  Specifically,  our scanner is great to remain proactive in your computer repairs. This scan will go through your computer to find anything that might be causing you problems even before you notice them. This can be the best option for you while trying to make sure your computer stays healthy without needing to dive in too deep on your own.  You can then provide these findings to our technicians who can help you!

Making sure your computer is well taken care of can be stressful, but by minding these few things listed can help you achieve a better performing machine without it crashing on you.

At KVS Computers, we are here for you with any computer repair you may need. Visit us in Hughesville, Pennsylvania if you have any problems or questions.


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