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Top 5 Reasons You Should Get Your Computer Checked At Least Once A Year

We can all agree that our bodies need to have a routine check-up with a doctor. Did you know your computer needs one as well? Even technology experts can agree that you should get your system checked at least once a year.

A computer check-up can involve cleaning temporary files, internet histories, and other unwanted files hidden away in your system. Here are some reasons why you should get your computer checked:

Your Computer Is Running Slow

We’ve brought this up in earlier blog posts, but it is always worth saying each time. Your computer can and will slow down once it is bogged down with unnecessary files. You can clean your downloads out, but there is much more to it than just a small clean. When you get your computer checked once a year, we can thoroughly examine the system and optimize it.

Viruses Could Be Hiding

Not all viruses will be noticed. In fact, some virus scanners won’t pick up on them either. So, how will you know you have one? When you come to us to get your computer checked, we can go through every file to make sure there is nothing corrupted by a virus and no one trying to steal your information from you without your knowledge.

Verify Everything Is Backed Up

Would you survive if you knew your corrupted computer wouldn’t be able to pull all of the files you had saved in there? Every picture you ever took of your children is now gone. Or the manuscript you’ve been working on for years has been deleted. These can haunt a person, but during a check-up, we can make sure your backup is set up properly, so this never happens.

Hardware Issues When You Get Your Computer Checked

We don’t just handle the software side of your computer, but also the hardware. Do you know if a piece of your hardware is starting to fail on you? We can check that and let you know if a piece needs replaced soon. The best part about this is that we’re here to make sure that can be replaced at KVS Computers. No more worrying about if your motherboard with fry and ruin everything inside.

It’s Cheaper Than Having to Replace

What would happen if just a few years after purchasing your computer you must buy an entirely new one because something faulty in the system happened and the repairs cost almost the same as the computer itself? You can take preventative measures and have your computer checked once a year. You can keep your computer operable for many more years to come.

With so many reasons you should have a check-up done, there really are no excuses not to. If your computer needs a check-up, please give KVS Computers a call to schedule your appointment and we’ll make sure your computer is here to last you for many more years to come.


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