Electronics Recycling Fundraising Events Near Me

Do you have electronics at home or work that you no longer use?  Are you struggling to know what to do with them?  You should not throw the devices away.  As a result, they will end up in the landfill and harm the environment.  What do you do with them?  KVS Computers has the answer for you.  KVS Computers works with local clubs to host electronics recycling fundraising events.  By hosting these events, local clubs raise funds for projects.  People can bring their unwanted electronics to the event and subsequently make a small monetary donation to the club.  People can trust their electronics are responsibly recycled because KVS Computers is a certified electronics recycler.

KVS Computers has been helping local clubs host electronics recycling events for many years.  From Rotary Clubs to fire departments, these events help clubs raise money for community projects.  These events are helpful for all involved.  People can safely get rid of their unwanted electronics, in turn, the clubs get to keep the money collected.  Most importantly, the electronics will not be entering the waste stream and harming the environment.  The events are a contactless service.  People can put their unwanted devices in their vehicle and come to the electronics recycling event site.  The volunteers will take the electronics from your vehicle.  The process is simple and painless.

Refurbish, Reuse and Electronics Recycling

Over the years, KVS Computers has helped keep unwanted electronics from going to the landfill.  Our goal is to fix damaged electronics so they can be placed back on the market.  Therefore, we give the electronics a second life.   Some devices can’t be fixed.  We take those devices to our downstream vendor.  Our downstream vendor dismantles the devices.  After that, the scrap sells on the market as commodities.  KVS Computers values the practice of responsible recycling.  In other words, we help the community and the environment.  Please check the KVS Computers’ Facebook Events page to find electronics recycling fundraising events near you.   Contact KVS Computers to schedule an electronics recycling event for your club!

Electronics Recycling Events


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