Custom Built Gaming Computers

Custom Built Gaming Computers

Custom built gaming computers are a hot commodity. If you are a gamer or you know one, the concept of a custom-built gaming computer comes up often in conversation. You can’t go into big box stores and stroll through their computer aisles and pick up custom parts you want.

Sometimes big box stores like Best Buy will carry the components you want. However, with the current climate of limitations on parts (due to cryptocurrency and remote work), parts are becoming far scarcer in stores.

So, when you’re facing the dilemma of buying a custom-built computer or a pre-built one, what are the pros to going either way?

Built to Play the Games You Want

If you use Steam, Epic, or Origin, there are plenty of games to choose from. Add in some company’s custom launchers, and you have more choices on what to play. Some games, such as indie 2D games, may take very little space. They could be played on a regular pre-built computer. But if you want to play something like Call of Duty, you will need something that can handle both graphics and processing. The game was 175 GB at launch and currently sitting at well over 200 GB after the updates it has provided.

Most pre-built computers won’t have much hard drive space built into them, but through a custom build, you have options. You can have not just a single hard drive, but two hard drives with both over 1 TB. Plenty of space for personal and professional use.

Custom Built Gaming Computers Are Not Just Hardware

Some people will set up their towers to be large enough to have different pieces of hardware inside them, but some may also include other objects. Many objects like these are custom lighting or statues that will sit behind a glass window. When you have your tower next to you, making it more attuned to your room can be paramount versus having a large black box taking up space.


If you purchase a pre-built computer, oftentimes it comes with a lot of bloatware preinstalled. The bloatware will slow everything down or may include other software that they claim is free for you. These programs are built into the price of the pre-built to make it seem more cost-efficient. With custom built gaming computers, you can choose the exact hardware you want. This can help you to save in some places while spending a little extra in others. If you want to start basic and add on more pieces in the future, custom builds allow that flexibility.

For those who want a custom-built computer without the hassle of building it yourself, you can hire someone to build it. At KVS Computers, we are here to do just that. Our experienced team can help get everything set up and ready for you. We also offer a one-year warranty to make sure your gaming days are covered.


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