Computer Tune-Up – Why Do You Need One?

No, your computer isn’t a car, but you should still get a computer tune-up to make sure your machine is optimized and working properly. You can always bring your computer to us to have it tuned up, or you can use the software at home to take care of everything that you need.

Whether you decide to have KVS Computers perform the computer tune-up or not, these are some great reasons to make sure everything is well taken care of:


A computer tune-up is also great to scan deep into many of your files and system in general to find any viruses or other undesirable programs. These can hide within your computer and do as they will without your virus scanner detecting it right away unless you do a full scan.

If at some point you had to put your firewall down, which isn’t likely to happen with how computers are now, the scans will let you see if the firewall needs to be brought back up. Once your computer is free of viruses, it may be able to help clear up some of the other issues below.

A Computer Tune-Up to Remedy Slow Start-Ups

Was there a time when your computer turned on within a matter of seconds, and now you have time to make yourself some coffee until it comes on? This could be because you have too many applications trying to run when you turn your computer on, or something else with the memory trying to read all the information stored.

By getting a tune-up, you can clear some of this out, and although it may not return to the original speed, you will get a faster-starting computer.


Whether surfing the web or just using a calculator, your computer could freeze up the application or the entire computer. This can easily be identified with feeling the laptop heating up to a temperature that is too much for anyone to touch or seeing the (not responding) show up at the top of the application.

You can easily circumvent this by forcing the application to close if you can, but with it happening so often, it’s better to make sure to take care of the computer instead of putting a Band-Aid on it.

Computer Crashes

After all those other issues start to rise, you might start seeing these often as well. Those infamous blue screens of death with a little smiley face staring back at you. It can be infuriating, especially when that crash corrupts the file you were working on.

This could be devastating for anyone that’s spent hours working on something, or worse if it was in the middle of saving as well. By getting a computer tune-up to fix many of the other issues above, it can also stop these crashes from occurring as well.

How Often Should You Do A Computer Tune-Up?

It’s advisable to perform a tune-up at least once a month or more if you see some of the above problems arising. If you are seeing these and don’t have the ability to tune-up your system yourself, you can always bring your computer into KVS Computers, and we can help you out!


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