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IT Equipment Recovery

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT EQUIPMENT RECOVERY More and more companies realize the demands of technology innovation and the need for equipment recovery in the update process. However, the increasing demand for sustained growth often pushes business enterprises to ignore IT asset recovery.

Virus Malware Removal

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT VIRUS MALWARE REMOVAL All computing devices, whether a work or home device, requires maintenance at some point in its lifetime. Different types of maintenance exist, whether it is hardware/equipment upgrades or software upgrades.

Hard Drive Destruction

ALL THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT HARD DRIVE DESTRUCTION One of the most essential centerpieces of the operation of IT programs is hard drives. Hard drives contain confidential, sensitive information that should be protected with strict security measures.

Hard Drive Wiping

WHY SHOULD YOU WIPE THE HARD DRIVE ON YOUR COMPUTER? Most people today own a computer device or smart device of some caliber. At some point in their lifetime, their device(s) will become outdated, damaged or they may no longer need or want them.

Computer Repair

KVS COMPUTERS OFFERS THE BEST COMPUTER REPAIR! In today’s world, a personal computer is an item you will find in almost every home and workplace.

Computer Refurbishing

LOOKING FOR REFURBISHED COMPUTERS? KVS COMPUTERS OFFERS EXCELLENT SERVICE AND TECHNOLOGY YOU CAN AFFORD. In today’s world, operating a business without computers and technology is practically impossible. Regardless of your business, computers and technology play an important role and will help you operate your business more efficiently.

Custom Built Computers

LOOKING FOR A CUSTOM BUILT COMPUTER? KVS COMPUTERS OFFERS THE BEST! Are you in the market for a new computer? Do you want something reliable yet affordable? Are you interested in purchasing brand new but do not need all the bells and whistles that come preloaded on brand name, box store devices?