Are Refurbished Computers Worth it?

When you hear the term refurbished computers, what comes to mind exactly? Is it the fact that it is used? Don’t let that fool you. A refurbished computer can be as capable as a brand-new computer. In fact, for some people, it is hard to tell that their electronics are refurbished unless you tell them.

Sometimes, someone may push you to get a new computer at a store, or even customize one. Although we encourage people to customize their computers to fit their needs, we understand that not everyone has the funds. Instead, we also provide refurbished computers and other electronics for people to buy.

Here are some key benefits of purchasing a refurbished computer beyond the affordability:

Refurbished Computers Are Tested

Before we ever think to sell one of our refurbished computers, we make sure to test our equipment. The equipment is put through a rigorous testing process to ensure functionality. This lets us see if there are any problems that may arise and fix them before they do.

Each refurbished computer is also brought back to high quality. So there are no hidden pieces of damaged hardware anywhere. We make sure everything is up to standard, so you are confident when you walk away.

Better Equipment

How much do you imagine a graphics card is in the days of cryptocurrency mining? They can grow pricey for many. With refurbished computers, you’re getting a slightly used graphics card. These will be at a lower price for you compared to brand new pieces. This falls under affordability because the same computer may cost twice as much if not more if purchased brand new. Or may not be available at all.

The shell of your computer may say one description, but with our technicians, the inside will be even better than the original.


At KVS Computers, each refurbished computer comes with six months of warranty. So even after you leave our location, you know we stand behind our products. If you purchase a used computer from a garage sale or other secondhand location, you won’t have any warranty. When you get home, it may not even work properly. Our expert technicians are here for you, so you won’t need to worry.

Refurbished Computers Customized For You

Although not as customizable as a new computer will be, we listen to our customer’s needs. We can design a refurbished computer to your specifications. Looking to do graphic design? We’ll get you a machine with better graphics cards and RAM. Want to play a lot of games? We have high-capacity hard drives to fit any game. Our expert technicians will match what we can build to what you need.

If you’re on a budget, or just don’t want to spend time with a new computer, make sure you visit KVS Computers. Let us give your computer the attention it deserves. We will bring your expectations to life in the form of a refurbished computer.


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