Free computer diagnostic scan

Do you ever wonder if your computer is operating at its optimum performance?  KVS Computers offers you the opportunity to run a free diagnostic scan on your computer straight from the comforts of your home.  How do we do that?  By using a free computer diagnostic scan tool found on our website (look under the Computer Scan tab on our website).  This tool will safely and securely scan your computer (without being installed on your device).  The process will not make any changes to your computer.  The tool will not retrieve any personal data.  The tool will not perform a check for illegal software.  However, the overall performance and stability of your machine will be determined.  It will compare hardware, software, drivers, processes, and other characteristics of your machine with many other computers with the same operating system.  The tool will give advice on how to improve your computer’s performance.

The best part of using this diagnostic tool?  It’s FREE!!  The tool is user friendly.  It needs installed on your computer.  It takes only a matter of seconds to perform the scan of your machine.  Upon completion of the scan, the tool identifies the results of the scan in the order of importance.  If the free computer diagnostic scan identifies issues that need attention, you can bring your machine to KVS Computers for further examination and diagnostics.  KVS Computers does not charge a bench fee and offers free diagnostics.  We can examine your machine and let you know the cause of issues and advise you of repairs (should they be necessary) if you wish to proceed.  As a side note, we offer free electronics recycling.  If it is not cost effective to repair your machine, we can responsibly recycle it.  Keep your computer running at its best with KVS Computers!

Free diagnostic computer scan

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