Our Story

Cherif Ammar-Khodja, founder of KVS Computers, is a Berber native of Algeria in North Africa. He came to America, quenched his thirst for knowledge through higher education and pursued a career in the corporate IT world. After experiencing the pitfalls of corporate downsizing more than once and with a strong aversion of relocating his family to other parts of the country for job offers, Cherif decided to go into business for himself. With his extensive knowledge, skills and appreciation for his adoptive country, he wanted to give back to his local community by providing them with a reliable, affordable, trustworthy one stop shop for all their computer and IT needs. Taking his passion for technology combined with the love of his family and the desire to help others with the IT challenges they face, he created a computer repair and consulting business, KV Consulting. The company was named after his two daughters, Kenna and Valerie. However, in a short time after the start of KV Consulting, he and his wife, Lisa, gave birth to a third daughter. His pride and love for his three beautiful daughters, Kenna, Valerie and Sadia, is apparent in the fact that they are the namesake behind the company name which is now KVS Computers.

Cherif Ammar-Khodja, a Berber immigrant from Algeria, came to the United States in 1992 with limited English and funds, but the passion, drive and thirst for chasing his dreams was limitless. He was excited for opportunities he could only imagine until stepping foot on American soil where he knew the opportunities could become reality.

Cherif's ambition, hunger for success and determination propelled him forward as he completed his education and started making his American dreams come true. He has been employed by large corporations like American Express, Xerox and Insight, where he managed projects for large clients such as Altria, EDS, HP and Kraft. He was a valuable asset to these companies in positions such as Sr Systems Engineer, Systems Operations Manager, Technical Architect and Network Administrator. He has a vast array of experience and knowledge regarding various products, software and services throughout the technical and IT consulting field. His knowledge of Microsoft is extensive and is proven with the numerous Microsoft certifications he has attained. He is a highly motivated individual who is constantly looking to identify new opportunities to not only accomplish his dreams but to improve the world around him. Cherif's compassion and positive attitude is evident in the manner in which he treats his customers/clients with the utmost respect and holds his steadfast belief there is a win-win outcome in every situation. He aspires to help build and maintain a stronger community and does so with his involvement in the local Rotary Club. His involvement is not only because of his desire to give back to his community but because he wants to help build and provide a better future for our kids.

Nicole joined the KVS team in January 2014 in the role of business manager. She is a graduate of Bloomsburg University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Office Administration with a minor in Business. After graduation, she launched her professional career in the insurance industry as a Personal and Commercial Lines Property/Casualty Insurance Underwriter. She later exited the insurance industry and seized the opportunity to spend time with her family by managing the daily operations and activities of their family business.

With 15 years experience helping to manage her family business, Nicole has gained much valuable insight in the daily operations of a small business. She knows the persistence, patience and passion needed in the small business realm. In her short time at KVS Computers, Nicole has exhibited her ambition and motivation. One of her most significant challenges and achievements has been to successfully develop and implement an integrated management system consisting of an environmental management system, a health/safety management system and a responsible recycling management system for electronic waste. These three systems conform to the global standards of ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and the R2:2013 (Responsible Recycling). The development of these three systems allowed KVS Computers to obtain the R2:2013 certification, a platinum certification in the electronics recycling industry. Nicole currently oversees and maintains the integrated management system. Her constant focus and attention to detail is an asset to KVS Computers’ proactive efforts in being an environmentally responsible citizen of the community.

As lead tech at KVS Computers, Shane is responsible for online auction listings and assists in computer repair and computer refurbishing. He also provides friendly, courteous technical support and assistance to personal and business customers both on site and off. Shane has over 3 years experience as an IT Intern for the East Lycoming School District where he has been involved with computer repair, network administration, security and maintenance. Shane's interest and passion for technology expands out of his work field as well. He is currently a student at Pennsylvania College of Technology majoring in Game and Simulation Design.

Dave is Cherif's father in law and is a valuable asset to the KVS team. As a retired college administrator and human resource director, he has a wealth of experience in the business sector and is a trustworthy contributor to KVS. Dave enjoys traveling, the experience of visiting new places and meeting new people. He lends his time to KVS as a part time employee often traveling to various parts of Pennsylvania and neighboring states to pick up hardware or helping out in the office with shipping, prepping of hardware and other day to day operations. When not helping out at KVS, Dave enjoys his retirement by spending time with his wife, Donna, and volunteering many hours at numerous agencies in and around the local community.