IT Equipment Recovery

    We are 100% committed to retiring and recycling electronics the right way. We have gone above & beyond the average recycler by voluntarily obtaining the R2:2013 electronics recycling certification. Whether you have an outdated desktop collecting dust in your house, a damaged LCD or plasma TV, an old cell phone you have from upgrading to a new one, or a damaged iPad or tablet, we offer a suite of life cycle management services for IT assets and a variety of electronics. As a R2:2013 certified IT asset life cycle management company, you can rest assure we will responsibly, securely and safely destroy your data and your equipment will not end up in a landfill.

    What Is R2 and Why Is It Important?

    Anyone can claim to be a responsible recycler, but R2 Certified companies prove it with annual inspections conducted by independent third party certifying bodies. R2 Certified recyclers and refurbishers comply with the requirements of the R2 Standard which was developed by a multi-stakeholder group with representatives from the EPA, major manufacturers and recyclers to protect the environment, workers and data security.  More and more businesses and government agencies are entrusting their decommissioned electronic equipment to R2 Certified companies because they recognize the value of protecting their brand and bottom line from data breeches and environmental liabilities stemming from improper disposal of their IT assets. R2 Certified companies conform to the highest industry standards, which reduces your exposure to liability.

    Using an R2 Certified company offers the following safeguards:

    • Protection from unintended consequences (involving data security, health/safety of works and communities) due to improper disposal of electronic devices.
    • The highest industry standards for data destruction or sanitization of data sensitive devices.
    • R2 Certified companies use stringent tracking of inventory/equipment that flows through their facilities as well as strict testing methods for all equipment being resold.
    • R2 Certified companies are committed to abiding by the rigorous requirements of the R2 Standard which ensures accountability and adherence to the highest industry standards for data security, health/safety of workers and sustainability of environmental protection. R2 Certified recyclers also undergo yearly, multi-day inspections to prove their commitment to this standard.
    • R2 Certified recyclers strongly believe in reduce, reuse and recover
    • Protection for your customers, your business and your own personal information
    • Limit your exposure to data breeches
    • Limit your exposure to environmental liability
    • To protect people, the planet and personal data.

    (Visit SERI – Sustainable Electronics Recycling International @ to learn more about the R2:2013 standard and certification)

    KVS Computers’ Policy

    KVS Computers is committed to being environmentally and safety responsible corporate citizens. We are committed to identifying and attaining goals that result in continuous improvement of our employee safety as well as minimizing waste, preventing pollution and conserving resources. We are committed to:

    • Educating, training and motivating employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally, safe and  responsible manner
    • Encouraging environmental awareness/protection among suppliers & customers
    • Being proactive in our efforts to improve processes to eliminate waste and conserve energy
    • Being proactive in our efforts in preventing employee injuries or illnesses
    • Seeking out and considering current technologies in energy conservation in the workplace, solid waste handling and disposal, environmental preferred packaging, end of life electronics reuse and recycling, reusable material handling and recycling systems and prevention of injury and ill health.

    KVS Computers will continually move forward towards our objectives of conservation of energy, reduced waste discharge and zero work-related injuries or illnesses.

    We are committed to conducting business with integrity and in a lawful and responsible manner all while ensuring safety for our employees and being an environmentally responsible citizen of the community.